4 Signs of Sewer Mains Problems

Some plumbing emergencies, such as a burst pipe, leave homeowners in no doubt about the need to call a plumber immediately. Other plumbing emergencies, such main sewer line issues, give some warning signs before matters get worse rapidly.  This article discusses some of those signs that should prompt you to call an emergency plumber to fix the problem in the main sewer line.

Multiple Clogged Drains

You should call an emergency plumber as soon as you realise that several drains within your home are clogged. This is because those multiple clogs may be an indicator that the main sewer line in your home has a problem that can get worse in an instant. Main sewer line problems make it hard for the smaller drains in your home to discharge wastewater into the sewage system. Any delay in fixing the problem can therefore cause sewage to back up into your sinks and other fixtures.

Water Backing Up Into Different Drains

Another sign that should prompt you to call an emergency plumber immediately is when water starts backing up into other drains. For example, you should take immediate action if water backs up into the toilet when you use the kitchen sink. This anomaly is normally caused by problems in the main sewer line. Chances are therefore high that wastes from the toilet may back up into other drains, such as the kitchen drain.


Bubbles in various drains can also alert you to the possibility of a problem with the main sewer line in your home. This is because bubbles indicate that air has made its way into the system as wastewater or grey-water is trying to move through the clogged drainage system. The bubbling indicates that the problem isn't localised. Any delay to take action can therefore cause major plumbing issues, such as sewage backing up into the home.

Improper Toilet Flushing

Have you tried using a plunger to force the toilet to start draining well and no difference has occurred? The most likely problem is that the main sewer line has a major clog that is affecting the toilet drain. Sewage is therefore likely to start backing up into your home if you don't act immediately.

You should be very concerned if you notice a combination of two or more of the signs above in your plumbing system. Call an emergency plumber , like one from P1 Plumbing & Electrical, immediately so that a plumbing nightmare can be averted in your home. 

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