Tropical Storms: 2 Types of Damage They May Cause to Your Plumbing System

Northern Australia is frequently affected by tropical storms during the cyclone season, which runs between November and April. Tropical storms bring heavy rain fall and high winds which can cause a number of problems for homeowners. Even if you think your property has survived the storm unscathed, you may still face the problem of hidden damage which has been caused to your home's plumbing and drainage system. When the storm has passed, and it is safe to do so, you should check the plumbing system for the following two problems.

Broken pipes

Because tropical storms can result in a very large volume of water falling from the sky in a very short period, it is possible that very dry ground will shift position as it absorbs the moisture.If this occurs, it can place pressure on pipes which are buried beneath the ground. If a pipe is corroded, it may break. It will not be immediately obvious when an underground pipe cracks open. Telltale signs include particles of rust or dirt in your tap water or an area of ground which suddenly becomes waterlogged. If you suspect an underground pipe may have been damaged, you should call in a plumbing service who will carry out a full inspection using specialist CCTV equipment.

Blocked pipes

There are a number of reasons that your home plumbing system is at risk of blockages after a tropical storm. The high winds may have created a lot of debris which has been blown about and carried on the wind. This debris may have landed on your roof and been washed into your gutters. This can cause the gutters to overflow, leading to flooding. Even if the gutters do not overflow, the debris may be washed into the drains, causing them to become clogged. Finally, if the main storm drain has become blocked, this may cause water to back up through the pipes and into your home.

When the weather has calmed down, you should inspect the gutters, drain pipes and grates for any sign of blockage. If you detect any blockages, you should clear them yourself or call a professional plumbing service. If you notice a strong smell of sewerage after a storm, this is a sign that water is backing up into your home and you should contact a plumber.

If you would like further advice about protecting your home plumber system from storm damage, you should contact a plumbing service today.

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