What to do if you get a burst pipe

When you have a burst pipe, the first step you should take is to isolate the problem pipe. However, if this is not possible due to there being no isolator valve, then it is advised that you find the stopcock and turn your main supply off. This will prevent any more water entering the property.

After you have switched the water off, open the taps in the kitchen and bathroom to drain the water out of the system. Meanwhile, while you are draining the system, try to fill jugs, buckets, and even pans. This helps in case that you have to wait a while to get it fixed. That way, you can still have water for making hot drinks, or using to flush the toilet. Cutting the water off will also limit any damage that could occur from the leak. If you have a water heater or boiler it should be turned off to avoid further damage to the system.

Now that everything is somewhat under control, it's time to head to the affected area and call a plumber. If you are at the problem site when you call the plumber, it will make explaining the problem a bit easier as you can see what's happened and you can describe it.

If you have been unable to turn off the water supply yourself the plumber will locate the roadside water stopcock and turn this off if possible. Sometimes this is not possible, due to a main being shared by other properties, in which case the pipe can be frozen to stop the flow.

Will There Be A Call Out Fee?

In many cases there will be a call out fee, depending on the company, and the urgency to attend the job. Their fee is the cost of an hour's work, plus however long it will take to have them there to fix the problem. The fee varies from one company to another, so it pays to shop around, if you can afford to take a bit of time to research them.

Do You Need To Leave The Home While It's Being Fixed?

Unless you are going to be without water for a long time, or there is catastrophic damage, it is very unlikely that you will have to leave your home for any period of time. Most plumbers will sort the problem pretty quickly, or will isolate the issue until they can fix it. This is especially true if they have to get hold of any parts.

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