Avoid Making These Common Mistakes When Choosing and Maintaining a Pool

A pool on your property is a great luxury, and allows for hours of relaxation with all your family and friends. However, when choosing a pool and when maintaining it after its installed, you want to ensure you avoid making some common mistakes that can result in early breakdown of certain pool pieces and result in a pool that is dirty and not ready for a swim. Note a few of those mistakes here so you can ensure that your home's pool is a perfect fit for your property and always ready for relaxing!

 Pool is too large for your budget

When choosing a pool, you may consider the installation cost alone, and forget the long-term cost of pool maintenance. This includes the cost of replacing a pump and its components, the cost of chemicals for the pool, the cleaning tools needed, a cover for the pool's surface and so on. The larger the pool, the more chemicals needed to keep it clean and the larger the cover, pump and filter needed for it as well. This means more costs for the pool's maintenance over the years. Rather than choosing the largest pool you can fit in your yard and your budget, be sure to check on costs for all these other pool care expenses, and be sure they fit your long-term budget as well.

Wrong size pump

It's easy to think that you want the most powerful pump available, but pushing your pool water through the filter more often than needed just puts added wear on the filter and pool pump itself. The chemicals you add to the water also need to mix thoroughly to be effective, and having them filtered out too quickly can mean wasting money, and water that isn't clean. Note the recommended size of pump for your pool's capacity and opt for something strong but moderate, rather than thinking that bigger is going to be better.

Neglecting simple maintenance

Not cleaning the skim basket outside the filter, not changing the shaft seal around the pump regularly, not checking the pH of the pool, and not vacuuming it as often as needed can all lead to an overworked pump and filter, and dirty, unhygienic water. Simple pool maintenance tasks may seem unimportant, but even these small steps can go a long way toward reducing the wear and tear on the pool pump and filter. These small steps will also keep the pool walls and floors, as well as the pool water, clean and safe for swimming.

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