3 Things You Should NOT Do When Your Kid Drops a Toy Down the Toilet

Kids love to play near water. Unfortunately, young children do not really pay much attention to the type or the location of the water. If you toddler has dropped a toy down the toilet causing a blockage, you may be trying to figure out what to do. While it might be possible to remove the toy yourself, if it is deep down the drain, you may need to call in an emergency plumber. Below is a guide to 3 things you should NOT do.

Do NOT put your uncovered hand into the bowl

If you witness your child drop the toy into the toilet or if you can see part of the toy sticking up from the bottom of the bowl, you may be tempted to stick your hand straight down into the bowl to try and retrieve it. Do not do this. Toilets are extremely dirty places which contain an insane amount of harmful bacteria. Rather than putting your hand into the toilet water in a panic, you should first put on a latex or rubber glove to protect yourself from infection. Once you have used the glove, you should dispose of it in the waste bin.

Do NOT flush the toilet in an effort to push the toy clear

You should never operate the flush on a blocked toilet. If the toy has completely blocked the flow of water, flushing the toilet will cause the toilet bowl to fill with water. Depending on the size of the bowl, it may be able to contain the excess water. However, there is a chance (especially if you flush the toilet several times) that the toilet will overflow and flood your bathroom. While the water will be pretty clean as it is fresh from the tank, it will carry with it bacteria from the toilet. If you have been foolish enough to do this, you should mop and clean every surface in the bathroom using a disinfectant.

Do NOT try to dislodge the toy using a coat hanger

Another popular DIY method of removing objects from toilets is to use a coat hanger which has been straightened out into a long thin wire. While you may be able to dislodge and hook the toy onto the coat hanger, the chances are you will, in fact, push the toy further into the drain, making the blockage worse. The best course of action is to contact an emergency plumber who will be able to clear the blocked drain for you.

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