Steer Clear of Kitchen Drain Blockages With These Basic Tips

Blocked drains are never a desirable thing because they tend to bring normal household activities to a standstill. Kitchen drain blockages, in particular, may mean you'll not be able to use the kitchen sink to clean dirty utensils and cookware. Follow these tips to prevent your kitchen drains from clogging.

Scrape off leftover food from dirty plates before washing them

Whether you use a dishwasher or wash your dirty dishes from the kitchen sink, it is important that you thoroughly remove any food remaining on used plates before you can clean the plates. When food particles are flushed down the kitchen drains, they can build up in the drains over time and cause clogging. Dispose of leftover food in a garbage bin, and wipe the plates with disposable kitchen towels to rid them of any food and cooking oils that may cause clogging problems in your kitchen drains.

Don't pour cooking grease in the kitchen sink

Some people think that it is perfectly okay to pour hot cooking grease into the kitchen sink because it flows well. What they are not aware of is that the grease will cool and solidify in the drains, increasing the potential for clogging problems. Hot kitchen grease must not be directly poured into your kitchen sink. Instead, it should be poured into an empty jar or bottle and allowed to cool and solidify. The hardened grease can then be disposed of in the kitchen garbage bin along with the rest of the solid kitchen waste.

In addition, it is a great idea to install a grease trap in the kitchen sink so that cooking grease in your wastewater can be intercepted before it can find its way into your kitchen drains.

Flush your sink drains with lots of running water after every use

Performing this simple action every time you finish cleaning dirty utensils and cookware will keep your kitchen drains working properly by getting rid of minor buildup that may be starting to crop up in the drains.

Occasionally pour hot water in your kitchen sink

It is not just cooking grease that can cause clogging in your kitchen drains — cooking fats and oils are also potential culprits. In that regard, you should pour hot water in your kitchen sink every once in a while to help clear a buildup of cooking fats and oils that could congeal inside your kitchen drains with time.

Should you face any serious clogging issue with your kitchen drains, call in a professional plumber immediately!

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