Hidden Signs That You Might Have a Gas Leak in the Home

If your home has a severe gas leak, you will often be warned of this leak by the overwhelming smell of gas, which can be especially noticeable when you first open an entryway door. However, some smaller leaks may not be as obvious, and are easily overlooked. Having these leaks fixed as quickly as possible will protect your health, and will also reduce the risk of an explosion or fire in the home. Note a few of those hidden signs here, and call a gas plumber if you notice any of them in your home.

Spike in gas bills

Unless you've been running a gas fireplace, furnace, or other such appliance more than usual, a sudden spike in gas bills can mean a gas leak. Most utility bills will have a record of your use over the past few months, if not even a yearly comparison in your overall usage, so take advantage of these charts, as a sudden spike can mean a leak in the gas lines.

Dead plants

As with gas bills, if the plants in your home are suddenly struggling to thrive, this can mean the air around them is very unhealthy. Plants breathe in air just like humans do, and if that air is contaminated with gas fumes or other such pollution, this can choke those plants and cause them to die off. Be sure the plants are getting plenty of water and sunlight so you can rule out lack of care for their growth, but check the gas lines if you know those plants should be thriving but are suddenly wilting and dying off.


Breathing in gas fumes can be very dangerous and damaging to the delicate tissue in the sinuses, and this can result in eventual nosebleeds. Nosebleeds should always be checked by a physician to rule out physical causes and health concerns, but if you notice that you suddenly suffer from consistent nosebleeds, and you have no physical cause for them, this can indicate that there is a build-up of gas fumes in your home.


The brain needs fresh oxygen to function properly; when that oxygen supply is compromised, you may suffer from headaches. As with nosebleeds, you should see a doctor to rule out physical problems that are causing your headaches. However, don't just take aspirin or other medication, ignoring the potential cause of your headaches, but have your home inspected for potential gas leaks and other air pollution.

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