Birds of a Feather: Bird Themed Bathroom Décor for The Bird Lovers

As a bird lover, you appreciate their beauty; you spend hours feeding them and watching them in your backyard. Sometimes on rainy days, you sit by your bedroom window and listen to the birds singing.

Now, how do you feel about a bird-themed bathroom re-design? Magical, right? Welcome birds into your life with a new bird-themed bathroom.

Decorative bird nests to hold products  

An artificial bird nest adds a natural charm to your bathroom space. Square bird nests will add a fun touch to your bathroom that will always beckon you to slow down and enjoy.

You can use your nest to hold products such as mouth wash, toothpaste, conditioner and shampoo. Consider placing a nest product holder in your guest bathroom as well.

How about a bathroom shower curtain?

Let birds soar through your bathroom with a bird shower curtain when you redesign your bathroom. A shower curtain takes up a great deal of viewable space in a bathroom, and it only makes sense to showcase the dazzling birds you love so much.

Bird-themed accessories

What do you think of a bluebird toilet brush holder? It probably brings a smile to your face. Now, how about a bird-themed lotion or soap dispenser? Think of a smooth ceramic soap dispenser, featuring décor images of your favourite bird. This will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom that is perfect for any season!

You can also include unique pieces such as bird-themed candles or ornamental bird tiles. Such unusual accessories will add a beauty that is a true find in any bathroom.

You can have fun with your accessories to create a space that is perfect for you and shows off your favourite animals.

Bird-themed mirror  

A bird-themed mirror is nothing but refreshing and sophisticated for anything from your bathroom to your dining room mirror. If you get a large enough mirror, it will also make your bathroom look larger.

Creative bird-themed mosaic tiles for surrounding your bath

Take a creative approach to your bath and shower by customising your tiles to include images of your favourite birds. Combining natural stone with images of nature is a form of art the elicits wonder in bathroom designs. If you're up for it, use mosaic tiles to create images of birds themselves!

When it's hot in the summer months, and it barely cools down at night, you can count on your friendly birds to keep you company when a cool shower is much needed.

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