The Dangers of Not Replacing Your Galvanised Pipes with PVC Hardware

Despite the fact that the use of galvanised pipes as plumbing hardware is no longer commonplace, it is not unusual to find some older homes still outfitted with them. And since not many homeowners will take the time to check their plumbing, coupled with the fact that this hardware is typically hidden behind walls and flooring, you may not even be cognizant of the fact that your plumbing is made of this material. Galvanised plumbing pipes essentially are made out of steel, but they are also coated with zinc. The zinc was supposed to guard against corrosion, but eventually, it was realised that these pipes pose a host of problems. If your residence is fitted with galvanised pipes, here are some of the dangers of not electing to have them replaced with modern PVC piping.

Galvanized pipes can seep lead into your water supply

Initially, galvanised plumbing was thought to be a safe replacement for the lead-based hardware that was used in days of old. It was only after several decades of being in use that it was found out that the galvanised pipes also contained some trace amounts of lead. This lead was primarily found in the outer coating of the tubes, as plumbing manufacturers used this metal to reinforce the zinc coating that was applied to the piping.

The lead in the outer layer may have seemed insignificant. However, trace amounts of it would still end up contaminating the water in the plumbing. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is vital to switch out your galvanised pipes for PVC hardware.

Galvanised pipes are highly vulnerable to corrosion

Another danger to be concerned about regarding galvanised plumbing pipes is their increased vulnerability to corrosion. These pipes may be coated with zinc, but this does not hinder rusting. With time and prolonged exposure to water, the interior of the piping starts to disintegrate. Before you know it, the crumbling surface begins to affect your supply by turning your water a brownish colour. Utilising rusty water brings about several issues.

Firstly, the metallic particles in the water make the liquid unsafe for consumption. Secondly, the metallic debris will also start to abrade other plumbing hardware on your property, such as faucets and showerheads. Thirdly, the discoloured water is sure to stain an assortment of items in your residence ranging from clothes to porcelain hardware. To prevent all these problems, you should enlist professional plumbing services to provide you with a rustproof alternative for your hardware.

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