5 Signs There's a Hidden Leak in Your Water Lines

Some water line leaks are immediately obvious. Depending on the severity of the leak (its location and a few other factors), the results can be quite dramatic. It's hard to miss large puddles of water or a constant drip or trickle from the ceiling.

In other situations, however, leaks can be pretty well hidden. You may not know they exist at all, but your home will gradually become damaged and the problem can become increasingly serious. Check out some of the signs of a hidden leak, and if you notice any of them, get an expert in to check it out.

Mould appearing

Mould needs moisture to grow, and there can be a number of reasons for the excess dampness helping it thrive. If there are no obvious sources like rainwater coming from outside or poor ventilation, it could very well be a leaking pipe.

Remember that mould can grow inside walls and in other hidden places, so use your nose as well as your eyes. The telltale damp, musty smell of mould is a reliable sign you've got it somewhere.

Reduced water pressure

Have you noticed the water doesn't come out of your taps quite as forcefully as it used to? Perhaps your washing machine has started taking longer to fill up and get going.

A drop in water pressure can be caused by a hidden leak in your water lines, and it's likely to get gradually worse over time.

Dirty water

If you have a punctured or damaged underground water supply line, it can pick up dirt on its way to your home. You may notice this in the form of discoloured water when you use the taps or perhaps in the particles left on dishes after washing them.

This problem presents an obvious hygiene risk to you and your family in addition to the other issues caused by a leak, so it's a particularly urgent case.

Increased water usage

Keep an eye on your water bills. If you know where it is and how to read it, use your meter. The amount of water you use will naturally vary depending on the time of year and other changes, but unexplained increases in water consumption might be due to a leak.

This can demonstrate just how much water and money are wasted when a line is leaking, which can be one of the most significant problems.

Strange noises

Plumbing can make all sorts of strange sounds at times, and they often go ignored. However, when it's functioning properly, you shouldn't have any persistent unusual sounds.

A leak can sometimes cause rattling and other noises, so don't just ignore noisy plumbing. For professional water line leak detection, locate a plumber near you.

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