Why Blocked Drains Are A Risk To Your Health And Need To Be Fixed Without Delay

In a residential setting, blocked drains are common in the toilet and bathroom areas, as well as sinks in the kitchen and other areas of the home. These blockages can build up and cause a serious overflow of the main sewer system. The most common cause of blocked drains is, of course, allowing certain items down the drains.

The result of blocked drains is the accumulation of wastewater, which carries with it several health risks. Because your health and safety should always be a priority, you should always call in for a professional plumber to come and take care of your blocked drains as soon as possible. If left unattended, you will be exposing yourself and others to several health risks including, but not limited to the following:

1. Bad Odours

Although the bad odours from blocked drains may not be toxic, the pungent smell can make you and everyone around experience some symptoms such as headaches. This is especially bad for persons who suffer from migraines, and such strong smells act as a trigger for a migraine attack.

Exposure to such bad odours can also cause nausea, and because it is very unpleasant to stay in such a place, you will find yourself being more anxious and very irritable. If you or a loved one suffers from asthma, allergies or any other related respiratory condition, this bad odour can only make things worse.

2. Skin Irritation

Coming into direct contact with the contaminated water from blocked drains can lead to skin irritation, even in people whose skin is not overly sensitive or easily irritated. This is all thanks to the contaminating elements in the water, which may cause your skin to itch, leaving you with spots and rashes around your body.

3. Breeding Ground For Disease-Causing Bacteria

The water in blocked drains tends to come back up and sit still. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which may cause different diseases and infections. Typhoid is a common disease caused by the bacteria breeding in the contaminated water.

Taking care of plumbing problems, and especially blocked drains, around your home protects you by reducing the health risks that you and everyone in your household are exposed to. Expert plumbers have the right tools and skills to resolve the problem of blocked drains in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that you are safe and that your health is protected.

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