Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Roof Repairs

The roof is the first barrier of protection between you and external elements. Sometimes it's hard to spot defects on the roof. Most homeowners notice that their roof is worn out when it's too late. To ensure you fix roof issues promptly, here's a list of some tell-tale signs that you need to watch out for.

Sunlight Penetrating Through Your Roof, and Water Is Leaking

If your roof has holes that are big enough to let sunlight in, this means the roof is ruined. This is one of the most apparent signs that is often overlooked. Check your house for holes that allow light in. To make sure you don't miss anything, turn off all the lights and close the blinds during the inspection. If you can see the sky or any sparkles of light, then it means there are holes in the roof.

Water leaks or spots in the ceiling are another visible sign of roof damage. If left unchecked, a leaking ceiling can lead to the development of algae and mould, which will eventually cause structural damage. At the first sign of water leaks, call in a professional so they may determine the source of the leak and fix the issue before it becomes worse.

Shingle Damage and Shingle Granules

Shingles are vulnerable to weather conditions like hails, storms and rainfall. Shingles eventually wear out due to these external pressures. You need to inspect your shingles regularly for curls at the ends — these are signs of wear and tear. In some cases, you will notice missing shingles, which also means your roof is wearing out and needs to be repaired immediately.

Another thing to look out for is shingle granules. Look out for black sand or granules on your roof. These granules come from shingles that are wearing out. If there is a significant amount of these black granules, you may have to replace your roof.

Moisture and Increasing Energy Bills

Inspect the colour of your roof. Dark spots or streaks are a sign of algae growth. Algae thrives in moist areas. Other signs of moisture include mildew, mould, water staining and pooling water. You need to repair your roof as soon as you notice any of these signs of moisture.

Air and heat can also leak through your roof. The best way to determine whether there is a temperature leak is if the heating and cooling system are running more than usual. If your energy bills are increasing every month, then there is probably air leakage, and you need to have your roof repaired.

For more information about roofing, reach out to a professional. 

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