5 Things to Consider When Buying a Water Pressure Pump

If you've invested in a water tank, you need an efficient water pressure pump to ensure that you can use your water uninterruptedly in your household. The pump operation involves pushing water out of the tank regardless of its height, providing you with adequate pressurized water in various parts of the house. It could also help supply water to your garden to maintain the garden or landscape. Continue reading for 5 important things to consider when choosing a water pump.

The Distance the Water Needs to Travel

The distance between your house and the water tank is an important consideration. It affects the decision on the pump power. A longer distance will require a more powerful pump. You may also need the water to travel up a multi-story building against gravity. If this is the case, you need to ensure you have the right measurements of the distance covered and the height the water needs to travel. This information will help you choose the right pump for the job. 

The Water Pressure

You need to consider your intended use of the water and how much pressure you require. Different activities require different water pressure levels. For example, toilets require high pressure while a washing machine may work with a low flow rate. However, if you mind waiting a few minutes for the toilet cistern and washing machine bowl to refill, you can use a more powerful pump. Showers may require a pump that pushes out water at a faster rate. 

The Noise the Water Pump Produces

The amount of noise a water pressure pump produces depends on its type and its general activity. In order to reduce the noise produced by your freestanding water pump, you can either build or purchase a water pump cover to enclose the pump. In addition to muffling the noise, it'll serve as protection from external elements.

The Automatic Function

The automatic function in a water pressure pump is important. This function allows the pump to automatically turn on and off automatically when you shut or open your taps. It frees you from the laborious manual operation of a manual water pressure pump. In addition, it ensures that the pump can shut itself off when the tank runs dry to avoid causing damage to the pump. 

The Flow Rate

Check the pump's flow rate. The flow rate refers to how much water the pump allows to move in within a given time. Most pumps will have a rate in litres/minute. The right flow rate will depend highly on the size of the tank in your home. The larger it is, the higher the flow rate needs to be.

If you take into account these considerations, you'll buy a unit that can serve you for years to come. Consult a plumber if you need help with the decision. 

To learn more, contact a water pressure pump supplier.

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