3 Reasons to Install an Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Inverter heat pumps give you a different way of heating your swimming pool. These pumps create heat by pulling in warm air from their environment rather than using a traditional power source. They also regulate temperature differently to regular heaters.

What are the advantages of switching to an inverter heating system?

1. You Get Consistent Temperature Management

Regular pool heaters typically work on an on/off principle. If the water is cold, the heater warms the water. When the water reaches the right temperature, the heater turns off completely until the water cools again. These pumps tend to have one operating speed.

Inverter heat pumps have more of a constant heating cycle. They have variable speeds rather than a fixed one.

So, an inverter heat pump will cycle up to heat water. It then cycles down to a lower speed when the water reaches the right temperature. As the water starts to cool, the pump automatically cycles up again to warm things up. Your pool water will stay at a more constant temperature, so you shouldn't have times when it is too hot or cold.

2. Your Heating Is More Energy Efficient

Standard pool heating systems are often quite energy-hungry. They need a power source — that you pay for — and they can only work at full power when they are on. So, your running costs for heating your pool could be high.

Inverter pool heat pumps don't need more than a basic power source to work. Once they are running, they then use a heat exchanger to turn air into their power source. The fact that you create your own heat immediately reduces your energy usage and costs.

Plus, the variable speed cycling that this system uses is more energy efficient. The pump doesn't have to work at full blast every time the water needs heating. Its constant cycling and mix of speeds use less energy in a more efficient way.

3. Your Pump Looks After the Environment

Standard pool heating systems aren't always good for the environment. They use up natural resources and create emissions.

Inverter heat pumps reduce your energy consumption and impact on the environment. You reduce your reliance on regular power sources and use a completely natural and infinite resource, air, to heat your pool.

To find out more about inverter pool heat pumps and how they could heat your swimming pool, contact your plumber or pool contractor.

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