Do You Have Blocked Drains? Consider Professional Hydro Jetting

Blocked drains are a nuisance that, unfortunately, a majority of homeowners will have to contend with at some point. Considering that your plumbing is utilised on a daily basis coupled with the number of particles that make their way down the drains, particularly in the kitchen, it is only a matter of time before you will find you have to unclog one or multiple drains. However, if blocked drains are becoming a regular problem in your home, it is time to put away the plunger and seek professional plumbing services. One solution that your plumber can employ is the use of pressured water, commonly known as hydro jetting. Here are a few compelling reasons to choose professional hydro jetting to eliminate blockages in your drains.

Hydro jetting is an eco-conscious cleaning solution

When it comes to contending with blocked drains, you will quickly realise there are a host of chemical cleaning agents that you can choose. But while these industrial-strength agents may make your drains seem clear, you should note that they are harmful to both your hardware and the environment at large. Routine use of chemical cleaning agents will cause the gradual abrasion of the interior lining of your drains. Moreover, the more abraded the pipes get the more chemical seepage there will be into the soil. Not to mention that as the chemicals make their way into wastewater, they eventually come to interact with the environment. Hydro jetting is much safer since it employs clean water that will have no impact on the planet.

Hydro jetting is a versatile cleaning solution

Another huge benefit of choosing hydro jetting to contend with your blocked drains is the versatility that this cleaning method offers. One thing to note about clogs in your drains is that they are caused by an assortment of contaminants. Hair, food particles, grease and even solid wipes can all contribute to blocked drains. Nonetheless, while a plunger can help you get hairballs out of your plumbing, the same tool cannot be used to get rid of coagulated fats in the pipes. Hydro jetting is incredibly versatile since it can be utilised to eliminate all kinds of clogs. The high pressure of the stream of water will plough through all forms of build-up and disintegrate them to provide you with clear pipes.

Hydro jetting is a cost-effective cleaning solution

One of the reasons why some homeowners may shy away from enlisting hydro jetting from their plumber is because they do not want to pay the service cost. However, the service cost is quite cheap when you factor in the expenses you will have to pay when the clogs remain undeterred. From burst pipes to water damage, it is more cost-effective to seek hydro jetting than to choose less effective drain cleaning strategies.

For more information about blocked drains, contact a plumber.

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