Advantages Of Replacing Electric Water Heaters With Heat Pump Systems

Electric hot water systems may not be as efficient as gas or oil-fired systems, but they are cheap to purchase, generally reliable and very useful for households that don't have access to gas pipelines or convenient heating oil supplies. However, if you have an aging electric water heater that needs to be replaced, fitting a new electric heater isn't always the best option.

Exchanging your old electric water heater with a heat pump water heater can have many benefits, and many households rely on these efficient, eco-friendly systems to provide for their hot water needs. Here are some of the key advantages of switching from electric hot water to a heat pump water heater:

Low Running Costs

Heat pump water heaters function by extracting heat from the outdoor air using refrigerant liquids. The heated liquids are then piped into your home, where they are used to heat water contained within the system's water storage tank. Modern heat pump water heaters can extract useable heat from cold outdoor air, and some will remain functional even when outdoor temperatures are below zero.

Because heat pump water heaters redistribute heat instead of generating it, they use very little energy compared to electric water heaters and can compete with advanced, high-efficiency gas hot water systems when it comes to energy efficiency. Switching from electric to heat pump hot water can knock hundreds of dollars off your annual energy bills, especially if your existing heater is old and not as efficient as it once was.

Environmentally Friendly

Because heat pump water heaters use so little energy and do not create harmful emissions like gas or oil-fired water heaters, they are very environmentally friendly. It should be noted that heat pumps will use significantly more energy during cold weather, but they are ideal for use in most parts of the country, which rarely see sub-zero temperatures.

Easy To Retrofit

If you are looking to swap out your electric water heater for a more eco-friendly alternative, you may be considering choosing a high-efficiency gas heater or solar heater. However, both of these solutions require lots of new infrastructures to be constructed in and around your home, making installation expensive and time-consuming. You may also have trouble finding room for solar panels if you live in an apartment or a planned development that enforces strict rules about making external modifications to your home.

Heat pump water heaters use very similar infrastructure to electric water heaters. They can also usually be integrated into the circuit that powered your old water heater without any major modifications. This makes installation much quicker and easier, which can be very useful if your old electric water heater breaks down and you need a new system as soon as possible. To learn more, contact a hot water system installation company. 

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