What Problems Can Blocked Drains Cause?

A drain blockage might not seem like it is a serious issue but it can be if it is ignored. Most blocked drains are only partially blocked with some material that slows down the flow of wastewater. However, partial blockages can soon become full ones when any more solid material comes into contact with the affected area. At such times, the seriousness of the problem can become much more apparent and very rapidly, too. Therefore, if you detect a drain this is slow to drain fluid away, then it is a good idea to call a plumber out to resolve the issue before it worsens. If not, then you could face any of the problems outlined below.

Foul Smells in the Affected Area

One of the main symptoms of clogged-up drains is the foul smells that emanate from them. If you notice a whiff of something unpleasant when you walk over an inspection pit cover, for example, then it will usually indicate that sewage is not able to pass through freely underground. Of course, the strong Australian sun often makes conditions right for such smells to worsen. Therefore, clearing the blockage is advisable, especially in the summer when foul odours tend to be at their worst.

An Influx of Pests

Blocked drains will sometimes result in a good food source for pets. Rats are quite common in Australian cities and they will move around quite freely in partially clogged drainage pipes. If food gets stuck anywhere in the sewers and drains close to your home, then more and more unwanted guests are likely to appear. Indeed, you could even end up with an infestation in your home, something that will be more costly to deal with than clearing a drain.

Effluence in Your Home

When there is full blockage of a drain, there is only one way for the effluence to go. To put it bluntly, sewage will back up in a drain until it overflows. This will often mean that it first appears in a downstairs toilet. If you don't want any effluence to back up to such an extent that it enters your home, then clearing the drain in question should be your number one priority

Gurgling Sounds

Finally, gurgling toilets, sinks and basins might not be as serious as dealing with raw sewage in your home but they can be embarrassing, especially when guests are with you. Don't take a chance if you hear such sounds and check our drains for blockages instead. 

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