Why Sewer Pipes Break

A broken sewer line rarely goes unnoticed because it creates a stinky mess in your yard. But have you ever wondered why sewer lines break in the first place? Like many plumbing problems experienced in homes, broken sewer lines occur due to many reasons.

Here are the usual culprits behind this cringeworthy plumbing issue.

Sewer line blockages

If you've been slacking on sewer cleaning, the sludge that collects in your sewer pipes over time can accumulate to the point of causing blockages. When sewer blockages happen, they prevent wastewater from flowing freely through your sewer line. As pressure builds up inside the sewer pipes, pipe breakage may occur, releasing raw sewage into your yard.

As part of ongoing sewer maintenance, you should clean your sewer line regularly to ensure smooth, efficient and uninterrupted removal of wastewater from your home. 

Tree root intrusion

The trees in your yard provide shade and a cooling effect on hot days, but are you aware that they could be detrimental to your residential sewer line? 

If your sewer line has small cracks, it can be a potential water source for nearby trees. As tree root systems grow towards your sewer line searching for water, they can break the pipes and cause a sewage home flood.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to remove any large trees that are growing close to your sewer line.

Ground movement or settlement

When the soil in which your sewer line is buried moves due to seismic activity, it can subject your sewer line to extreme forces that cause it to break or collapse. When this happens, untreated sewage can flood your yard.

Unfortunately, there's little you can do to protect your sewer pipes from damage due to ground movement.

Heavy equipment operation

Another common reason why sewer pipes break is operating heavy vehicles or machinery on top of the sewer line. Subjecting the pipes to the heavy weight of the vehicles or machines can result in pipe breakage or collapse, creating a foul-smelling mess outside your home.

Before operating any heavy equipment on your property, make sure you know the location of your sewer line to avoid accidental damage to it during equipment operation.

Sewer line breaks create unpleasant messes but also require extensive and time-consuming cleanups to restore homes to their pre-damage condition. For sewer line break repairs, contact a plumber close to you today! 

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