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There are few things in life you invest more time and money in than your home. So naturally, when it comes to taking care of it, you want to do whatever is necessary to ensure that your home retains its value. That's precisely what they had in mind when developing Gutter Helmet® – the original gutter protection system.

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Schmidt’s has been delighting customers with a gutter protection system, Gutter Helmet®, for decades. A nose-forward design allows the rain to go into the gutter but keeps all the leaves and debris that may plug up the gutter out!  You’ll never have to clean your gutters again. Millions of Gutter Helmet® customers across the nation echo the statement of one of our customers, “ I Love My Gutter Helmet®.”  You will too!

Never Clean Your Gutters Again! Gutter Helmet® keeps debris from gathering in gutters, eliminating the hassles, damage and dangers caused by clogged gutters.

Clogged gutters overflow causing rot in walls and fascia board, soaking basements and crawl spaces. Gutter Helmet® keeps your gutters cleared of leaves and debris in all types of weather for truly comprehensive protection from water damage. No more gutter cleaning means less roof traffic, so Gutter Helmet® protects your roof and shingles too. It also helps protect the landscape under your gutters from overflow damage. And, because there will be no standing water in your gutters, insects will be less likely to breed. Attempts by homeowners to solve clogged gutter problems with screens have failed. Screens just don't work. Screens can be as much work as gutter cleaning – seed pods can still accumulate in them and squirrels and other animals can pry them loose. The solution is Gutter Helmet®.

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The property that makes water cling when it spills down the side of a glass is the secret behind Gutter Helmet®. Water clings to Gutter Helmet® and flows nicely into your gutters while debris falls away. A unique water adherent coating further enhances the patented surface tension design. In fact, Gutter Helmet® can handle rainfall of 22 inches an hour – twice as hard as it has ever rained in the United States according to the National Weather Service.

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Gutter Helmet® is made from aluminum and is a radiant heat barrier that will not hold heat. Gutter Helmet® is made using recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.



Do you know about the benefits of our new Gutter Helmet heat system – Hidden Heat Self-Regulating Cable – a solution to icicles, ice dams and the damage they cause to your home’s rain gutter and roof?



During the past 18 years, Schmidt Siding & Window Co. has installed thousands of feet of Gutter Helmet – the “Never Clean Your Gutters Again” leaf protection system. Throughout all of these years, the only obstacle we have encountered is: Winter.
We have experimented with several products in our search for a solution to the seasonal ice dam and icicle nuisance and are confident that the Hidden Heat Self-Regulating Cable is the right answer.
The Hidden Heat Self-Regulating Cable has been specifically designed for use with Gutter Helmet. The system has been engineered with the bracket design in mind, which lies beneath the helmet panel so there are no unsightly cables or cords. Hidden Heat is the only product we have seen that offers the most benefit toward eliminating these bothersome winter issues without aesthetically compromising the home.

Why should ice dams be addressed?
Ice dams are one of your home's worst enemies. These large chunks of ice form along the edges of your roof. When frozen, they’re no more harmful than the icicles that hang down; but during the warmer parts of winter, they cause water to pool behind them and can lead to great damage to your roof and home.

Ice Dam

Hidden Heat's self regulating cables heat up when the air around the cable gets colder. This completely eliminates the ice formations that occur around your eaves. Best of all: the Hidden Heat's ice melt system is designed to fit perfectly inside the Gutter Helmet system and will provide complete year-round protection from the environment.


Hidden Heat's cable cannot overheat. It is also GFCI-protected. This makes Hidden Heat safer than other heating cable products on the market.

Hidden Heat has the ability to automatically adjust its heat output to the temperature outside, making it both effective and energy-efficient.


Hidden Heat's automatic temperature adjustment results in significant reduction of electricity use.

Gutter Helmet
Gutter Helmet


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